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Your Choice for Orthodontic Care in Red Deer

Because straight teeth contribute to a proper bite, an attractive appearance and optimal oral health, Appleway Dental Clinics offers orthodontic services in Red Deer. With orthodontic treatments that can help correct bite issues, we can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits for teenagers and adults in the area. The two treatments available at our practice include conventional orthodontics (metal bracket and wire braces) and Invisalign® aligners.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, Dr. Heider will do a full examination and discuss whether or not orthodontic treatment can benefit your smile. Along with the X-rays, we will take pictures of your smile. You can also ask questions you may have about orthodontics. Additionally, you will work with a treatment coordinator to discuss further details, such as financing with payment plans or scheduling regular visits over the course of your treatment.

Serving Patients of All Ages

Patients as young as seven can visit Dr. Heider for an orthodontic examination. The permanent teeth usually appear at this time, which allows our orthodontist to determine any issues that may be developing in your child’s smile. It is also the perfect time to have an early treatment to address crossbites, overbites and overcrowding.

We encourage adults to consider orthodontics to improve their smiles. If you’re uneasy with metal brackets and wires, you can choose Invisalign®. These aligner trays help straighten smiles and bites for adults, and are different from traditional braces as they are discreet.

Caring for the Appliances

At Appleway Dental Clinics, we will provide you with specific instructions on caring for your orthodontics that vary depending on the type you receive. Appliances should be taken care of by cleaning them regularly. If you have traditional braces, you will be given a list of foods to avoid during the treatment, including popcorn, taffy and gum.

Call our orthodontist today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about the two methods of orthodontics available at our practice!

Orthodontics to Correct Your Smile

Our orthodontic treatments can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits for adults and children.

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