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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Our Dental Bridges in Red Deer

If you have lost one or more adjacent teeth, Appleway Dental Clinics can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile by using dental bridges in our Red Deer and Stettler offices. A dental bridge can fill the gap created by missing teeth and also prevent repositioning of the remaining teeth. If left untreated, the gaps in your mouth can cause the rest of your teeth to shift to fill those empty spaces. This can eventually result in a bad bite, periodontal disease or TMJ disorder.

How Do Dental Bridge Work?

They are called dental bridges because they help to bridge or fill the gap created by missing teeth. Made of an artificial tooth that is bonded between two or more dental crowns for the teeth found either side of the gap, a dental bridge is permanent and cannot be removed. If you don’t have healthy teeth on either side of the gap, you may require dental implants to secure the dental bridge.

During your visit to our clinic, we will create a mould of your teeth so that we can customize the artificial tooth required for the procedure. Dental bridges can be either ceramic or porcelain, and also can also be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

With optimal care, dental bridges can last a lifetime. If you have any questions about dental bridges in Red Deer, contact Appleway Dental Clinics for more information. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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