Which Toothbrush Is Right for You? Tips for Choosing a Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is one of the most important tools for maintaining your oral health. It keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy alongside flossing and care by your Red Deer dentist. You use it daily, so taking some time to select the right kind for your teeth is important. Read on to learn which toothbrush is right for your particular dental health concerns. Want to learn more about the best tools to support your oral hygiene at home? Contact Appleway Dental Clinics for family dentistry in Red Deer. Pay us a visit or give us a call to get a routine teeth cleaning and answers to your questions.


How to Choose a Toothbrush

Make sure your daily dental hygiene routine is providing you with the best results. Follow these tips for choosing your next toothbrush and contact your dental clinic to learn more:

  • Avoid Hard Bristles – It can be tempting to go for the harder bristles. Often it feels easier to clean your teeth if the brush is stiffer. However, this isn’t the case for your tissues and enamel. Softer bristles are gentler on your gums while promoting circulation and cleaning your teeth. A “medium” brush is the best option for most people unless your dentist specifies that “soft” should be used for your teeth.
  • Nylon – Natural dental products are available and boast environmentally-friendly sourcing. Unfortunately, little research has been completed that backs up their efficacy for daily teeth brushing. They are more expensive and become worn and unusable faster than nylon-bristled alternatives. This can work against their ‘eco-friendly’ claims, as they must be discarded and replaced more frequently. Stick to nylon for the most reliable results.
  • Your Size – Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to cleaning your teeth. The size of your mouth can help guide your toothbrush selection. Smaller teeth are better cleaned with a smaller toothbrush head since it can be properly maneuvered and angled around your teeth.


Visit Your Dentist in Red Deer to Ensure Good Oral Hygiene

At-home dental care is only part of the puzzle for great oral health. Visiting your dentist regularly for check-ups and teeth cleanings will ensure your daily brushing is effective. Visit Appleway Dental Clinics to receive dental care for the entire family. We offer a range of services, from personalized advice to children’s dentistry and teeth whitening treatments. Keep your smile healthy with a full care routine at home and at your dental clinic.


Learn more about tools for your oral hygiene routine and schedule your teeth cleaning appointment. Contact our Red Deer dentists to book your visit today.


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