Which Stettler Area Patients Benefit from Tooth Implants?

Restoring the smile after tooth loss is essential for many reasons. It can restore the beauty, as well as the overall health of the teeth, gums and bones. Additionally, it can restore the function, allowing patients to speak, chew and bite properly without difficulty. Patients who are faced with natural tooth loss may take the time to speak to a Stettler area dentist at Appleway Dental Clinics to determine which restorative solution is best for them. In most cases, patients missing just one tooth within their smile may benefit most from a dental implant.


The dental implant has become the gold standard in dentistry for restoring the smile after the loss of a natural tooth. Implants are also used in situations where patients with full dentures want to enjoy stability and strength from a restoration. Dentures can slide out of place and may rub against the gum tissue causing sores and discomfort, while dental implants can help hold them in place. Implants are often topped with full dentures or a dental crown depending on the needs of the patient.


Proper candidates are those with sufficient bone underneath the gum tissue to hold the dental implants in place. This is essential for ensuring the success of placement. The dental implant procedure is predictable and successful due to the ease of placement, and the bone of the jaw holding the restoration in place. This is also where the implant derives its stability and strength.


Many patients choose dental implants because they are easy to maintain and have longevity unsurpassed by alternative solutions. While bridges are often more economical, they require patients to remove natural tooth structure from otherwise healthy teeth on each side to place. This is an irreversible treatment so patients should take this into consideration when it comes to sacrificing the structure of their adjacent teeth. Additionally, partial and full dentures need to be taken out every night and may be inconvenient depending on one's lifestyle. Full dentures can often be uncomfortable and ill-fitting when not used in conjunction with dental implants.


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