What Red Deer Residents Should Know About Invisible Braces?

Are you interested in straightening your smile? Does your bite need to be improved? The benefits of straighter teeth aren't only cosmetic in nature. Even teeth also mean a healthier mouth, easier cleaning and better overall health. However, many patients don't want to endure years with brackets glued to their teeth and uncomfortable metal wires. Now, you don't have to.


Dr. Greg Barnett is a certified orthodontist and his team at Appleway Dental Clinics offer Red Deer residents an alternative to conventional orthodontics – invisible braces. While the greatest benefit of the Invisalign® system is their unobtrusive appearance, there are a number of other advantages. Where metal braces can be rough and sharp against the inside of the mouth, invisible braces are smooth, comfortable plastic trays that shift the patient's teeth in gentle increments using low force. The trays are removable, making brushing and flossing the teeth and cleaning the aligners quick and easy. Patients can also eat what they want rather than having to avoid certain foods that are restricted with traditional braces.


Invisalign® is a great option for adult patients with busy lives and professional careers. Invisalign® requires fewer office visits than braces because much of the treatment is done at home. Instead of visiting the dentist or orthodontist frequently to have braces checked and tightened, patients simply change to the next in a progressive set of aligners, about every two weeks. Although most people can't even tell you're wearing them, Invisalign® trays can be removed for presentations, critical meetings or special events.


It is important to understand that invisible braces aren't for everyone. Treatment for cosmetic and mild to moderate misalignment is quite efficient. However, Invisalign® treatment can take longer than metal braces to shift teeth in some cases. Patients with severe malocclusion (bite problems) may not be good candidates for invisible braces. In those situations, patients can consider porcelain brackets to minimize the metal look, or a series of removable retainers.


Regardless of which type of straightening you choose, follow up care including regular use of a retainer is vital to ensure that your teeth remain in position.


The first step to a straighter, healthier smile is to call Appleway Dental Clinics to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barnett. He will discuss your concerns and desired outcome; provide a thorough examination to determine the right course of treatment for you.


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