Tips to Get Your Kids Flossing

Flossing is an important part of maintaining your dental health but many people don’t do it as a regular practice. Set your kids up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and reduce their risk of developing cavities by getting them to start flossing at a young age. The habits we develop as children stay with us, so teaching them how to properly floss and making it part of their regular routine can benefit them for years to come.


5 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Floss

Having a hard time getting your children to brush their teeth, let alone floss? Consider these 5 tips to make their dental health a fun part of their day and get them brushing and flossing:

  • Make a Chart – If your child or children are able to visually see their progress, they will be enticed to continue flossing. It will also provide a friendly reminder. Print a chart online, ask your pediatric dentist in Red Deer for one, or simply draw one with the days of the week and flossing activity. Mark days when they flossed with a sticker.
  • Offer Incentives – Non-monetary incentives like an extra bedtime story, game of cards or an extended bedtime on weekends can give your children incentive to keep their flossing streak going. Use the chart to mark goals so they can see when they will be rewarded. It will help them connect healthy habits with opportunities and rewards, which may be less obvious when we are older, but are still there.
  • Create a Game – Routines don’t have to be dull or monotonous. Connect your child’s flossing time to a story or song. Get them to count their teeth, helping them learn to count and understand more about their bodies. Narrate a story about bad bacteria while they go after plaque with their floss. Get creative and think of a way to make flossing interesting and fun for your child’s unique interests!
  • Get Kid’s Tools – Regular floss is great for adults who have fully developed motor skills and better hand-eye coordination. It can be tricky for a little child to wrangle the waxed floss. Instead, try picking up kid-friendly floss sticks to give them more control. Be sure they throw out whichever variety of floss they use and don’t try to use it again.
  • Be Positive – Give your kids positive reinforcement when they remember to floss and praise their efforts to keep up with their dental health.


Another great way to promote flossing is to pay a visit to your family dentists in Red Deer, Alberta. Appleway Dental Clinics have pediatric dentists and a kid-friendly dental clinic to provide teeth cleaning, check-ups and other services for the entire family.

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