Red Deer Area Dentists Explain Dental Implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary method of replacing missing natural teeth. Because of their strength, stability and longevity, they have become the standard solution for restoring the smile in lieu of dentures and bridges.


Dental implants are titanium posts placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. They act as anchors similar to the way a natural tooth root anchors the tooth into the bone. When the dentist surgically implants the rod into the bone, the process of osseointegration allows the bone to wrap around it. This gives it the stability and strength desired in a tooth replacement.

Dental implants are restored on the top with dental crowns or dentures. In rare situations, dental implants may also be placed as support for a porcelain bridge. However, crowns and dentures are most common.


The dentists of Appleway Dental Clinics in the Red Deer area may suggest patients with sufficient bone structure strongly consider this as a viable way of maintaining the beauty, health and function of the natural smile. These restorations allow patients to have a restoration placed that requires no special attention and is permanent. Most patients can enjoy dental implants for a lifetime when they participate in proper oral health care and maintain regular visits with their trusted dental team.


At Appleway Dental Clinics, our oral surgeons place the implants during a surgical procedure done in our offices. This is often done with special anesthetics and sedation if necessary to ensure the comfort of patients during the procedure. After the treatment, patients may experience some soreness but this is effectively addressed with over-the-counter pain medications. Before the surgery, patients can discuss what to expect before, during and after their procedure with the dentist. Dentists will also send patients home with information regarding post-procedure care of the treatment site.


If you live in or around the Red Deer area and believe dental implants may be suitable for you, contact one of the many offices of Appleway Dental Clinics today to schedule a consultation visit and thorough examination to determine candidacy.


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