Red Deer Area Dentists Answer, What Is Orthodontics?

Straightening the teeth is one way to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. This is often achieved by working closely with an orthodontist in Red Deer for individualized treatment.

What is orthodontics? Red Deer area dentist, Dr. Greg Barnett of Appleway Dental Clinics, describes orthodontics is a treatment designed to address alignment and malocclusion of the smile. This is typically done using braces, but thanks to continued improvements in cosmetic and general dentistry, patients can now enjoy orthodontics without metal by using Invisalign®.


Red Deer Orthodontics Solutions

For many patients in Red Deer, orthodontics can include Invisalign® products. Invisalign® is a form of orthodontics which uses clear aligner trays which are worn over the dental arch to realign the smile. This method uses gentle forces with a series of trays that can improve the smile over the course of several months. Invisalign® should be worn all day and night to see optimum results, and patients can remove the trays to care for their smile and enjoy meals.


Invisalign® is a wonderful alternative to more conventional methods of orthodontia often completed by specialists in the Red Deer area. Instead of using the metal brackets and wires often associated with orthodontic treatment, this solution is more discreet with the clear trays. Patients will find that they feel more confident and are not embarrassed during their treatment. Orthodontics has a wonderful advantage of improving one’s self-esteem and helping them enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile.


Orthodontics can also be used to improve the health of the smile. When teeth are misaligned and overcrowded, they leave many areas where plaque and tartar can easily build up. This puts patients at risk for a number of dental concerns including periodontitis and tooth decay. By realigning the teeth and making it easier to care for the smile, patients can enjoy better oral health for life!


If you live in or around the Red Deer area and are interested in learning more about orthodontic services at Appleway Dental Clinics, contact one of our local facilities to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Greg Barnett today. He offers evaluations of the smile to determine one’s candidacy for treatment and guides patients through the benefits of orthodontics.


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