Lack of Fluoride in Calgary Drinking Water

As dentists in Red Deer, our Appleway Dental Clinics locations care deeply about the health of our patients and families in the community. Our doctors have worked for over 20 years combined to keep parents and patients aware of news that could affect their family's well-being. In Red Deer, currently, there is fluoride placed in the water. Our neighbouring city, Calgary, made the change to take fluoride out and here is some information that is very interesting.


The addition of fluoride in Calgary drinking water has been an area of concern and controversy for local residents. Our municipality began adding additional amounts to bolster dental health in 1991. The city decided to stop adding fluoride to local water sources in 2011, an action based on cost factors, concern about possible side effects, and a general feeling that residents received sufficient protection through fluoridated toothpastes. Some felt that the protective ingredient could be more safely applied topically during a regular dental examination, while others worried about the impact the removal would have on vulnerable groups such as children, senior citizens and low-income residents.

Early in 2016 the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine released a study that revealed that the lack of fluoride in Calgary drinking water led to an increase in tooth decay among Grade 2 children. Any rise in decay of baby teeth causes great concern for us, as these teeth form the foundation for healthy adult teeth and lifelong dental health. The study's conductors said that they considered a number of factors for the rise in dental decay, but everything pointed to the lack of fluoride as the most important factor.

In September 2016, a motion to reconsider the Calgary fluoride decision was rejected by the Calgary City Council; however, they did ask the Mayor to write to Alberta Health Services to ask them to further explore the issue. We will continue to monitor this situation but, in the meantime, we strongly urge parents to be sure to bring their children in for regular check-ups and dental care.

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