Invisalign®: A Clear, Convenient Teeth Straightening Treatment

Orthodontics has come far from the days when your only option was to straighten your teeth with metal braces. Though today's metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before, there are also completely invisible teeth straightening methods such as Invisalign® available at Red Deer's Appleway Dental Clinics.


Invisalign®, which uses a series of clear, plastic trays in order to straighten the teeth, has many benefits over alternative orthodontic treatments.


The number one benefit for most patients is cosmetic as Invisalign® braces usually go unnoticed. Another major consideration is comfort. Invisalign® braces rarely cause significant pain or discomfort and can be removed when you are eating and drinking. Treatment with Invisalign® is also usually much faster than treatment with traditional braces and can take as little as a year and a half to a year.


How Invisalign® Works?

Invisalign® treatment starts with your dentist taking an impression of your teeth to send to an Invisalign® laboratory. The lab determines how the teeth should eventually align and makes custom aligner trays that will slowly shift the teeth into the desired position.


Your dentist will then receive the trays and give you instructions on how to use them and when to move on to the next trays. Each tray is typically worn for about one to two weeks.


Who Can Benefit Most from Invisalign®?

The best candidate for a quick and successful Invisalign® treatment is an older teenager or adult with healthy teeth, healthy gums and mildly misaligned or crooked teeth. Invisalign® is a great option for bringing a slightly crooked smile into perfect alignment. However, it may not be the right solution for all orthodontic issues.


Severe misalignment, overcrowding, vertical issues and overbites or underbites will not benefit from Invisalign®. Invisalign® is also not the right choice for children or young teenagers as their mouths and facial structures have not finished growing.


Think Invisalign® May Be Right for You?

Misaligned teeth present not only cosmetic issues, but they can lead to dental health problems such as periodontal disease down the road. If you think that it's time for you to look into orthodontic treatments and that Invisalign® sounds like a good choice, then get in touch with the Red Deer dentists at Appleway Dental Clinics today. We can schedule a consultation and let you know if Invisalign® is right for you.


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