Chipped or Lost a Tooth? Contact an Emergency Dentist Right Away

Teeth are usually pretty strong and able to withstand much of what we put them through, such as chewing tough food or taking moderate impacts during physical activity. However, one wrong bite into an apple or one trip into a solid object and you can easily end up with a chipped or lost tooth.


The good news is that dental clinics in Red Deer today are very well equipped to fix chipped or cracked teeth and reattach teeth that have been knocked out. After experiencing trauma to the mouth, it is important to not panic; take some over-the-counter painkillers if the pain is too much and follow the tips below.


Chipping, cracking or otherwise breaking a tooth can lead to an infection or to even more extensive tooth damage if a dentist is not seen right away. It is a good idea to do a warm salt water rinse shortly after the damage occurs, and to not eat until you are seen by a dentist. If you do need to eat, then don't bite with the damaged tooth and avoid hard or sticky foods.


Getting yourself to a dentist after losing a tooth is an even more time-sensitive matter. Lost teeth can be reattached but not if they've been out of the socket for too long. The best way to transport a lost tooth is to put it back in place and press down on it with gauze or a soft cloth. Make sure that you rinse it before putting it back in your mouth. If it cannot be held in place, then carrying the tooth in your cheek is the second-best option, as this will keep it from drying out. The tooth can also be transported in a glass of salt water.


Appleway Dental Clinics: Your Emergency Dentist in Red Deer

A chipped, broken or knocked-out tooth should always be regarded as a dental emergency and is not something you should wait to get checked out. Your best bet for a successful fix or reattachment is to come to Red Deer's Appleway Dental Clinics as soon as you can.


The Red Deer emergency dentists at Appleway Dental Clinics are committed to helping emergency patients as quickly as possible. Give us a call right after you chip or lose a tooth so that we can be ready to help you upon your arrival.



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